Barbie x Dynacraft 

Barbie 16" Bike 

Available exclusively at Target

Our Barbie bikes are created for the magical journey of growth and empowerment that is undertaken when kids learn to ride a bike. And, just like Barbie, our custom Barbie 16” bike is dressed to impress. The sturdy steel frame comes complete with removable, adjustable training wheels, a rear coaster brake and a full cover chain guard. But, to be a Barbie bike, you need pizzazz, so we added custom Barbie decals, pink pedals, a branded Barbie saddle, a fashionable Barbie handlebar bag, streamers and bold white tires. But what’s a ride without Barbie? Our “Ride With Me” Barbie handlebar accessory is added to connect and combine two traditionally separate play activities. Designed to enhance play and fuel a child’s imagination, this awesome accessory allows us to enrich user enjoyment and make the Barbie brand connection stronger. Now Barbie is sure to want to ride along on all your young rider’s new and empowering adventures!

Our Barbie handlebar bag is the ultimate accessory for your young fashionista!

Barbie is going to love riding alongside your little one on her handlebar minibike!