Collaboration and Creative Designs Keep us Racing Ahead of the Field!

At Dynacraft, our designs are always fun!

We have been partnering with Mattel, one of the world’s largest and most successful toymakers, for more than 20 years to energize and redefine the wheeled goods category. With our fun, on-trend designs, creative play features, innovative accessories and vibrant colors, our products inspire everyone to make “fun on wheels” a larger part of their everyday lives. 

Our partnership with Mattel has been built on decades of effective collaboration. They have entrusted Dynacraft with their most important and established brands, such as Hot Wheels and Barbie. In turn, Dynacraft has respected, enhanced, energized and reimagined those brands, bringing them to new and eager audiences in dynamic, imaginative and entertaining ways. 

Our partnerships allow us to develop exciting products for top-tier companies like Mattel, season after season. They help push us to be better, faster and more innovative. In short, our cross-industry collaboration makes us stronger and drives us forward.