Hot Wheels x Dynacraft 

Hot Wheels 16” Bike

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Hot Wheels is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills. Every car kids’ race, every obstacle they jump and every track they design teaches them how to take on a challenge. The Hot Wheels brand is about active engagement and imagination through play. Our Hot Wheels bikes are engineered with this philosophy in mind. Through our eye-catching designs and our creative and stimulating accessories, everything is intended to spark the imagination and enhance active play.  Our boys' 16" Hot Wheels bike comes with a super cool black and red web design and a sturdy steel frame built super tough for race day adventures. Plus, with our Turbo Rev Grip with both lights and sound and an awesome Hot Wheels racing shield, two-wheeled fun has never sounded, looked or felt so awesome! This super slick bike also includes a rock-solid coaster brake and rear caliper brake. The sleek seat with alloy quick release means rider height can be adjusted at any time. Plus, with training wheels that can be easily adjusted or removed once your young rider has mastered their balance, these Hot Wheels are built to stay in the race as they develop and grow! 

Crank up the fun with our Hot Wheels Turbo Rev Grip!

The deluxe paint finish makes this super cool bike stand out!